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Ok Stupid

When predetermined answers on a multiple choice compatibility quiz isn’t enough to find your ultimate match, knock’em dead laughing or send them home packing. OkStupid has funny answers to the questions offered on the OkCupid Dating App.

With outrageous, over the line, boundary crossing, low brow, off the collar remarks you can sift out all the mindless wannabe cam girl bots and discover those whso actually may have some personality and a sense of humor.

Ok Stupid YouTube Full Series Playlist

Ok Stupid – Episode 7 – Golden Shower Pros

Ok Stupid Episode 7 continues to answer questions about things you never thought were necessary to ask.

Episode 6 – The Sign

Ok Stupid Episode 5 – Everything Happens

Ok Stupid Episode 4 – Now Available: The MacGuyver Merkin for Women

Ok Stupid Episode 3 – I Know Who You Did Last Summer

Ok Stupid Episode 2 – New and Improved

Ok Stupid Episode 1 – Funny Answers to the OkCupid Dating App Compatibility Quiz Questions


Correctique Episode 2 – Since You Bean Gone

Correctique Episode 1 – Baconless